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Website Development

Website Design & Coding, Mobile Development & More! Talk To Our Team Of Experts.

Bulk Email

India's leading Email & SMS Marketing platform where you can send bulk emails totally hassle free.

IVR/Missed Call

Interactive Voice Response to assist callers without human requirements.

Bulk SMS Solutions

Enhance customer outreach by sending SMSes in a big volume together.

Voice Broadcasting

Convey voice messages to a huge audience – effectively & effortlessly.

What else we provide?

Lead Generation

CPL (Cost Per Lead) affiliate model helps company to get genuine and verified leads for their product.

Affiliate Marketing

We are an Affiate Marketing Network focusing on our Advertisers and Publishers Success.

Sales Conversion

In CPS, Advertiser is always in a Win situtaion, we only charge when the product is sold.


FoxXglove Media Headquartered in Gurugram, was formed as squad of extremely Zealous Developers, Mobile Media Enthusiasts, & Digital Marketing experts who are experienced in delivering Applications & Marketing Campaigns on the Mobile & digital cosmos from scratch, fabricating perpetual Traffic & User Engagement through Creative Design & Content Marketing & Social Media Management.

It is founded to help StartUps & firms - Small, Medium & Large and leverage the immense power of Digital Marketing & Technology to amplify Consumer Awareness, Market research/survey & most importantly, Revenue.

“All great ideas are born out of desperation. We were desperate!.”

Our Core Values

  • Quality - To provide quality IT services and products to all our clients.!.
  • Honesty - To be honest and transparent in all our dealings with all stakeholders.!.
  • Value - To provide value for money services ensure customer satisfaction at all times..!.
  • Innovation - Strive for innovation at each stage of the business..!.
  • Customer Service - World class customer service provide your all trusted and fast service to support..!.
  • All great ideas are born out of desperation. We were desperate!.

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