Good learners always listen

Make your training programs more effective using voice messaging

How can FoxXglove help make your educational and training interventions more effective?

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Make sure parents hear announcements

Voice circulars ensure all parents hear alerts for classroom activity and payment reminders.

Reinforcement and community learning

Go beyond functional messaging by developing 2 minute educational modules for students, parents or community members.

More effective ToT

Follow up on ToT with a 24/7 Q&A line. Trainers can listen to FAQs or submit their own questions. Immediately forward questions to field experts’ phones. Monitor the interaction online. Built on our award-winning VoiceForums tool.

Gather rich data

Create in-depth phone surveys using our VoiceSurvey engine. Take touchtone or spoken input. Apply conditional logic, randomization and more. Monitor results online.

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